Welcome to the website of Janine Ashbless! I'm a writer of fantasy and paranormal erotica and - more rarely - scorching romantic adventure. I like to write about magic and myth and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human. And hot filthy sex, obviously...




To my absolute delight I am immortalised on the "Islands of Erotica" in the Map of Literature by artist Martin Vargic. You should so buy this awesome best-seller of a book!

I will be attending Smut by the Sea, on the 28th May 2016 in Scarborough, where I'll be giving a workshop on "Writing Fantasy Erotica"

Nine Worlds Geekfest, on the 12th-14th August 2016 in London,

and FantasyCon UK, on the 23rd-25th September 2016 also in Scarborough (no connection!)

Recent Publications:

Falling Deep

Erotic Novel: Second in the Lovers' Wheel quartet

Coming Together in Verse

Three Poems: On Erotic Vocabulary, Minotaur and Song for Whoeveryone

Libidinous Zombie

Short Story: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Cover Him with Darkness

Romantic Novel: First book in The Watchers trilogy

Latest Blog Post

"Go read this. Now."

My poor Orphan Books are getting some more love!

There's a review of Summer Seduction gone up today on the Caldwell Publishing blog -  and it starts:
 "Holy moly ravioli! I’m not sure how this book isn’t on everybody’s bookshelf already. I don’t even know where to begin ... Mystery, suspense, history, myth—it’s all there. I sat down and read this in one sitting because I was just so into it. "

Full review here

Meantime, Samantha MacLeod has gone on to review the second book in the Lovers' Wheel series. She loved Summer Seduction - what did she think of Falling Deep?

"Falling Deep basically takes everything I liked about Summer Seduction and turns it up to 11 ... The world gets more interesting, the threats intensify, and the characters become darker and complicated. All I can say now is: BRING ON WINTER!"
 Full review here

 THANK YOU, Caldwell Books and Samantha MacLeod! XXX
(and yes, *Yorkshire accent*: "WINTER IS COMING" ... just not very quickly. It'll have to wait  for those pesky fallen angels, lol)