Welcome to the website of Janine Ashbless. I'm a writer of fantasy and paranormal erotica and - more rarely - scorching romantic adventure. I like to write about magic and myth and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human. And hot filthy sex, obviously...



In Bonds of the Earth

Romance Novel: Second in the Book of the Watchers trilogy

I'm so excited that the second in my fallen angel series, In Bonds of the Earth, is soon to be released! March 2017 is the date!


To my absolute delight I am immortalised on the "Islands of Erotica" in the Map of Literature by artist Martin Vargic. You should so buy this awesome best-seller of a book!

I will be attending Eroticon 2017, on the 4th-5th March 2016 in London.

Recent Publications:

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Erotic Novel: Second in the Lovers' Wheel quartet

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Three Poems: On Erotic Vocabulary, Minotaur and Song for Whoeveryone

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Short Story: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Romantic Novel: First book in The Watchers trilogy

Latest Blog Post

Bück Dich

Last night I went back to Leeds (The Big City! Twice in one week!) to see a special worldwide cinema screening of the Rammstein: Paris concert. Which was pretty epic!😲

I'd heard that Rammstein were actually arrested in America after one concert for obscenity ... and now I've seen exactly why. Honestly, I nearly killed myself laughing.

Here's an older, less close-up version of the action ... but it still gives you a pretty good idea. Definitely NSFW!

Bück Dich means "bend over," BTW. Who says the Germans have no sense of humour? 😂