Welcome to the website of Janine Ashbless! I'm a writer of fantasy and paranormal erotica and - more rarely - scorching romantic adventure. I like to write about magic and myth and mystery, dangerous power dynamics, borderline terror, and the not-quite-human. And hot filthy sex, obviously...




To my absolute delight I am immortalised on the "Islands of Erotica" in the Map of Literature by artist Martin Vargic. You should so buy this awesome best-seller of a book!

I will be attending Smut by the Sea, on the 28th May 2016 in Scarborough, where I'll be giving a workshop on "Writing Fantasy Erotica"

Nine Worlds Geekfest, on the 12th-14th August 2016 in London,

and FantasyCon UK, on the 23rd-25th September 2016 also in Scarborough (no connection!)

Recent Publications:

Falling Deep

Erotic Novel: Second in the Lovers' Wheel quartet

Coming Together in Verse

Three Poems: On Erotic Vocabulary, Minotaur and Song for Whoeveryone

Libidinous Zombie

Short Story: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Cover Him with Darkness

Romantic Novel: First book in The Watchers trilogy

Latest Blog Post

130 Authors

Emanuelle de Maupassant has done something pretty damn amazing. She sent out a huge detailed questionnaire to writers of erotica, and 130 authors - a 50:80 male:female split in case you wondered - have replied to talk about their motivation, inspiration and their craft - including such luminaries as Patrick Califia, and "Huh ... wot?" dumbasses like me.

Emmanuelle's been writing a series of articles on her blog, sifting the responses. There are tons of thoughtful insights picked out and a few surprises (20% of erotica writers also write in the horror genre; a third have studied literature in higher education) Here's the list of posts so far:

Men writing erotic fiction
Men reading erotic fiction

130 authors of erotic fiction
First inspirations
Why write erotic fiction?
Dancing the line: fantasy and realism in erotic fiction